Tonight in Columbus: Benco Presents Dungen/WOODS/Brainbow @ The Summit

MP3: Samtidigt by Dungen

Brainbow is dreamy

WOODS is freaky

Dungen is Swedish

The Summit is a bar

Benco is presenting and anticipating an early sell-out

Tickets are $12

Poster by Will Fugman

  • Twistan Shvan

    I heart Brainbow. Except for the Lancelot dude who wears the stupid cap all the time….you’re a tampon, dude. Did you get picked on alottttt?

    • Brohammed Ali

      How can you say you “heart” a band and then call a dude a tampon? Only acceptable if you have a vagina. Also, are you supposed to pronounce Twistan like Tristan but with a lisp? Cute name regardless and a douche either way.

      • Twistan Shvan

        No, because my names Twistan, asshole. Only retards have lisps.

        And, last time I checked you don’t have to be all bro-like with everyone in a fucking band in order to like the music they put forth.

        Also, whats with all the vagina insults? Is it like, bad, for a human to have a vagina? Or is this just some douche bag misogyny slipping out?

        • Brohammed Ali

          I should have explained it a little more clearly. I was just saying that I hope anyone that would say they “heart” a band is a chic (couldn’t tell from your rad name). If you’re a dude and you say that kind of shit well… If not, you can still eat a bag of dicks.

          Just for the record, I am not a misogynist. I love broads and I express my love for them often.

          • Twistan Shvan

            Oh I see. You’re not a misogynistic douche bag…just a possibly homosexually repressed, stereotyping one. That’s for the record too.


    not really, but it’s true, my favorite jokes are jokes about dudes putting me into their vaginas.

  • Buffy

    The summit is quite possibly the worst place to see live music in Columbus. The venue is horrible, smelly, and just plain boring to be at. I’ll never be returning there. Can’t believe national bands get talked into playing this shithole.

    • SUMMIT

      suicide is painless

      • Barfbar

        Painless unless you’re at the Summit. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Arrogance is your forte?

    • John

      I agree. The biggest issue for me is the sound. It is way sub-par for a venue booking local bands regularly, let alone national acts.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    good thing Donewaiting is here to do all of the promotion for Benco

    • robert duffy

      who else is bringing these shows into town?

      • Artful L.A. Dodger

        A+ for booking, D+ for promotion.

        • Dunbar

          Really not trying to be a dick, but what promotion do you suggest outside of ads in the paper, a website/mailing list, and hyping here and on Cringe? There could be more, I’m not a part of Benco, but that is just what I’ve noticed. Oh, and handing out flyers for upcoming shows at the current show. If there are other avenues, I would be interested in exploring them.

          • Artful L.A. Dodger

            flyers? that’s incredibly novel. flyers around town? at businesses that people frequent? what?

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    pretty awesome flyer the promoter made, too! great work…

  • John H.

    where are the advance tickets being sold at?

  • Dunbar

    According to the message board thread:
    There are still $9.99 tickets avail at Used Kids, Mags, Summit, and ticketweb so go get yours now and its a non-issue. I expect this show to sell out at the door by 9pm.

  • Brohammed Ali

    The show was nothing if not amazing, even though it was oppressively hot. At least Summit chills their beer to just below freezing.