Weakened Wrap-up #15: 99 Problems but a Blog Ain’t One

Pictured: CDR Company Picnic

Whatever…if money grew on trees I would be a money tree farmer. So I pretty much don’t have much of an opening rant so I’m going to take this opportunity to plug the gay little website that my gay little brother is part of. It’s called find Fred and it’s basically a gay eharmony/myspace/facebook/adultfriendfinder. Feel free to become a member and/or tell your friends because the sooner he starts getting money, the sooner he can start giving it to me. Also, my brother from another mother and his wife just opened up a baby boutique in Clintonville called Lottie Da so go buy stuff from them if you aren’t gonna try to find Fred.

Oh man i did some runnin’. I bet you can’t wait to hear about it. There was Dungen, Dude Locker Fest, The Entrance Band, CDRBQVI and Mr. Dibbs and a whole buncha crap happened or something. More crap crap crap after the jump jump jump!

Pictured: buncha handsome dudes

So I on Wednesday I found myself at The Summit for a Benco Presents show before the sun went down because Brainbow are always buggin me about coming to their shows because I like never see them ever and for some reason they thought they were playing earlier than they were…way to make sure I was there to spam the internet about you guys, dudes. So, yeah there were like totally epic or whatever. Go see them Thursday at Rumba Cafe. Oh…Dungen and Woods played too…uhhhh I saw like one Woods song and like 2 Dungen songs. Say it with me doonyennnn…got it? Don’t thank me. Whatever…I have a day job that entails mad physical labor so sometimes I’m tired and have to leave shows early.

Pictured: buncha skateboards

Friday was Dude Locker Fest and I mean its called Dude Locker Fest why wouldn’t I go…seriously though I wanted to check out Do Chimps Battle?, Rob and Nic from 333‘s new joint…also, I kinda wanted to see 1point3 too because I think I’ve only seen them one time in my 6 years in town…the have a tendency to always play on nights when better bands are playing. HAHAHA jk???

Pictured: Do Chimps Battle?@Dude Locker Fest

O.K. so first and foremost the warehouse space on Tompkins is a totally cool spot. This time around there were 2 stages, a 1/4 pipe, a rail was set up and there were a couple of kegs. When I got there, Golga was playing….Golga is Joel formerly of The Husher, 333, and other bands too I would imagine. Dude Locker is also his spot. Golga is an instrumental thrash metal and they sound like some band that I haven’t heard before. I dug them. DCB? played right after and I wasn’t sure what to expect…Rob plays drums, Nic sings and plays guitar and some dude I don’t know plays a B.C.Rich…they made me think of Guinea Worms a whole bunch…disjointed weirdo garage rock with a chick singer…hey Guinea Worms play a show with them it would be rad. On to 1point3, I’m kind of disappointed with myself for not seeing those dudes more…I was pleasantly surprised, 1point3 are on some Am-Rep shit bigtime and it pretty much rules.

Pictured: 1.3@Dude Locker Fest

I only stuck around the Dude Locker long enough for those bands because Will Brainbow recommend The Entrance Band…Also Paz from Perfect Circle is the bass player.

Pictured: The Entrance Band@Ravari Room

I didn’t really realize that Paz was in this band…full disclosure, I am a MJK fan so in the past I’ve stayed hip to who was doing what as far as band members side projects and whatnot, but Paz and The Entrance Band was new to me…I mean I knew she did Zwan, but not this. At any rate, Entrance were super fucking cool…like way jammy but super tight psych rock and oh man Paz is the real deal…It was cool/kinda surreal to briefly talk to her…pretty sure I scared her off/she totally wants me, one or the other. Also, I thought I’d maybe run into Pajo since he lives here in town but I didn’t see him…I blame it on Billy. I didn’t stick around for Nebula because I thought I was gonna go catch El Jesus De Magicoat the CDRVI show at The Summit but I didn’t end up making it and they didn’t play anyway so it was win/win or something.

So, in case you don’t know, there is a record label/studio here in town called Columbus Discount Records. Basically these dudes(Adam and BJ are in Necropolis) decided that they wanted to start a record label in Columbus and they did. This past weekend was their 6 year anniversary celebration and although I didn’t go to any of the shows, I did attend the bbq at CDR headquarters and witnessed the annual arm wrestling tournament…I drank a bunch of free PBR too. Sadly there are no pics of Mike O. this week because he didn’t play in any of his little bands…I guess we should have had an exhibition arm wresting match since neither of us entered then there would be a picture of both of us. There’s always next year. (I would crush him, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been). For real though CDR is doing good things for Columbus…they just announced the second year of their singles club, if it isn’t sold out you should join and sell the singles on ebay to the people that missed the boat.

Pictured: Mr. Dibbs@Skully’s

I missed the CDR show at Carabar after the company picnic because one of my other brothers from another mother was coming to town to see his bro, Mr. Dibbs play at Skully’s. If you don’t know, Dibbs is kind of a big deal dj from Cincinnati. He helped start the notorious Scribble Jam, toured with Atmosphere and most recently recorded with El-P. HE told me he wouldn’t let Girl Talk carry his table or something. Dude’s set is fun as fuck. Free Fallin with My Adidas, Bittersweet Symphony over Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Cry me a River/B.O.B., some White Stripes, some Clash…Like I said fun as fuck, if not VERY ill attended…after the set, I’m with my dude and some guy starts rambling to him about some dj night at Oldfield’s and it took me a second, but I was like, dude, that’s not Dibbs…dude thought my friend Ben was Dibbs. I mean they both have shaved heads. I can totally relate, people think I’m in Church of the Red Museum/a cd101 dj all the time. The night took a turn for the weird that I am not at liberty to discuss on the interenet…ask me in person, we’ll have something to talk about. Dibbs tweets about food follow him. Blueprint was there and was beggin’ me for 8 bars but I wasn’t havin it.

I can’t believe summer is almost over. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • Ramirez

    It was a tough weekend to not have 3 of me!

  • RAD! it only took till yesterday to finally get the dude locker cleaned up.
    and there may have only been one ramirez, but there certainly was enough puke for three of em!

    • Ramirez

      …maybe four!
      Spanky and I cleaned up the beer cans/bottles in the lot and then you drove over the trashcan!!

  • tom

    See people mistake me for a donewaiting bloggist all of the time.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    mikeo played in Lutzko’s little band

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