Times New Viking: Move to California


MP3: Move to California

Matador says:

Catalog number OLE-896 is Times New Viking MOVE TO CALIFORNIA 7″, slated to come out on September 8. The four song 7″ contains two tracks from the upcoming BORN AGAIN REVISITED LP, those being “Move To California” and “City On Drugs,” plus two songs from the coveted STAY AWAKE REVISITED cassette, namely “Pentagram” and “Teen Spirit In Hell.”

Preorder the new album, in stores September 22, and get this 7″, plus a copy of last year’s STAY AWAKE 7″, and a free poster, all for only $13 – while supplies last.

  • CMF

    Damn! Everybody’s leaving Ohio.

  • Maybe they can find an audience there.

  • were these guys named after the font “times new roman”??? also, i gotta say that the chick singer’s voice is kinda annoying and whiny.

  • WORD.

  • shotrovk

    This band is horrible. Just awful.