Jay-z-Run This Town Video

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I want to to dispel the recent idea ‘s of Jay-z being a member of the illumanati or a reptiliian presented on websites like Vigilant Citizen.

Please read that site, and my retort after the jump


.Now for this video,Jay-z shows his true dork nature. That nature is not of Illumanati all-stars likeMarquis De Sade ,Ben Franklin or even Bill Clinton. Nope…with this video, Jay-z takes a page of a 7th grader’s handbook who got grounded for getting caught for shoplifting chewing tobacco, and thinks it makes him MR. Crowley.

(word has it that Jay-z’s ghostwriter is Queensryche)

listen to game:

  • linda

    i dont know if this post lived up the promise of the original intent.. but i appreciate knowing the difference between you and jay-z.

  • wes flexner

    This was my attempt at humor appearring absurdly deluded and still highlighting that jay-z’s new video is basically headbangers ball filler

  • M.

    “I have IQ of a nerd.” has to be one the greatest sentences ever written. I have love of a Flexner.

  • wes flexner

    Am I not more smart than jay-z? Who has a better nose? Who here that possesses education and enlightenment would deny these truths?

  • Brett Favre

    A turd…polished. What a lack of soul and effort. Jay should retire again, at least for a little while.

  • HOTTEST REMIX of FALL Have you hrd it???



  • Michelle

    Jay-Z is a Master Mason. Ask yourself this, “what do masons need to build?” A blueprint. What is a blueprint? A design plan or technical drawing that is drawn up by an architect. The architect then gives it to a builder, a mason. Hence the the name of his album “The Blueprint 3”. All his Albums entitled “Blueprint” are just markers indicating what degree he has obtained in Freemasonry. Note, that he uses a hieroglyphic 3 (the 3 lines) on his new album. When a Freemason reaches the 3rd degree, he begans to learn hieroglyphics. “The Blueprint” marked the time when he received his 1st Degree as an Apprentice. “The Blueprint 2” marks the point in time he received his 2nd Degree in Freemasonry as a Fellow Craft. And now his new album “The Blueprint 3” is the celebration or marker indicating Jay-Z’s arrival at the 3rd Degree of Freemasonry as a Master Mason. The degree at which Freemasons learn about the symbolic occult meanings of hieroglyphs. Like the one he is using on the cover of his new album. These 3 lines in ancient Egypt not only represented the number 3, they also represent the pagan trinity Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Jay-Z has placed this symbol of the pagan trinity on his album for the purpose of flaunting his new esoteric and hidden knowlegde.
    If you want to know more check out the last video on this link: http://thelatterdays.blogspot.com/2009/02/beyonce-possession-video-series.html

  • Do you recall a time when “great art” questioned the foundation or direction of our culture, the course of humanity, the nature of people and their values, the call for a higher purpose? “Can you IMAGINE? It’s easy if you try.” The lyrics of artists like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna are barren and completely devoid of meaning and utterly soul less in their relative insignificance. The Hip Hop Movement in America was hijacked by thugs posing as artists more consumed with gaining control of the music industry stifling meaningful voices of change and churning out distraction for the delusional masses. Jay Z is simply the Black Madonna. So now what we have is a handful of people in so called leadership positions at the helm of the hip hop movement, folks like Jay Z, claiming to be its ambassadors and in essence serving as gatekeepers in the music industry, playing the game with corporate elites. Make no mistake monopoly in any form can lead to tyranny and those who break the mold must be careful of the mold they then become

  • There is absolutley no way that Jay is one of the best rapper of all time.