Best Lines from Columbus Dispatch’s Creed Concert Review

Creed was in Columbus last night, and the Columbus Dispatch was there to review the show. It’s not easy writing an article when you’ve got a few hours (minutes) to whip it up between the end of the show and your deadline, I will admit that.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the review. Read the whole thing here. Emphasis added by me.

Creed is touring in support of a new album (Full Circle) out later this year. Despite the past turmoil, the band belongs together – Stapp’s deep voice (sounding like a cross between Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder) and the musicians’ yearning yet bone-crunching sound mesh well, and both were exhibited at last night’s show.

Clean-shaven and buzz-cut, Stapp did a few fist pumps but eschewed rock star excess.

Creed rolled out many of its best songs, which are anthemlike, vaguely spiritual and sometimes resembling an interior monologue

Also notable was Creed’s impressive special effects, which included fireballs and flames arranged in an arc, indoor fireworks, eight jets of air, haunting visages on the video screen and massive showers of sparks.

The most interesting thing about the band (opener Like a Storm) was its logo, which included a moth.

Yes, I know isn’t the standard for writing (typos are a lifestyle, not a spellcheck breakdown), but we’re not the largest (only) daily newspaper in Columbus…

  • mikecarney

    this is funny on so many levels…

    LOL at local media…

  • haha. that’s what they get when they try to compliment a boring, washed up band.

  • creedrulesforever

    oh, me.

  • actionman

    appropriately, someone crudely carved the word “CREED” into the toilet seat in the men’s room of Ravari.

    If you know that stall, it is a fitting place for that particular type of shit that is CREED.

    • mark

      Yes, if you have such a warped view of music that you think Creed is truthfully shit, it would probably seem so.

  • BillyDeeWhitehall


  • C DUB YA

    If I had to list my top 10 most hated bands/artists:

    CREED would definitely make that list.

    Who else? Hmmm I’d have to think about it, but Nickleback and Toby Keith already have spots taken me thinks.