Zerostar vs. Ec Vol:MC Battle @ Daymon Day Park Jam

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In a further effort to make Daymon Day New York City circa 88, we will have an emcee battle after our verision of the Rucker Tourney.Around 530

Zerostar will battle EC Vol of Intricate Sunz on while people do names big.

After the battle, the parade ensues at 8pm. September 19th. Tuttle Park

MP3-Faronhite(Intricate Sunz)-Hollow_Tip

MP3:Zerostar-Are We There Ep


  • Kat

    very cool, cant wait!

  • bwahaha… who added all those thought bubble comments?

  • wes flexner

    I think karrio did.

  • weed $teeler m.

    ricca put a battle video on weedsteeler a few months back it was kidna tight actually….


  • wes flexner

    I refuse to advocate anything hip hop related when its corny. So I wouldbt court a battle unless I thought it would be wavy.

  • Jbird


    Zero i hope you practiced your flows more than you practiced for that uhhhhh video hahaha

    See u all down there!

  • just a quick promo video, new need to rehearse it, just spreading the word, check me on saturday catching wreck.

  • bids

    lol i remember charles we used to lightweight kick it. he grew up east side lived on my street. used to battle my homie from the neighborhood jr and they both was clowns at the time but this was like middle school, so whatev. if hes doin his thing now then good for him