UPDATED: Exclusive…Black Keys New Hip Hop Project: Blakroc

UPDATE: Blakroc’s official website is now live.

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Here in Ohio, the rumors of a Black Keys produced Hip Hop project intially started by a Jim Jones on Twitter awhile back are becoming a reality by Patrick Carney twittering ” Blakroc” a few hours ago. The current word swinging around Columbus graffiti and weirdo creep circles about the Blakroc project like chains and exhaust is this:

Blakroc is a hip hop album produced by the Black Keys that features Rza, Raekwon, Mos Def, Jim Jones, Pharoah Monch, Q-tip, Ludacris, ODB, Billy Danze of M.O.P., Noe and Nicole Wray.

The album has 11 songs and will be released 11 weeks from today on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving).

The album is being released on a label started by Dame Dash and The Black Keys management.

Given that Rae, and Mos Def both put out their best albums in a decade this past year, I have a pretty good feeling about this record and NYC golden era Hip Hop artists in general.

(And I live in a city where we throw parades for our lost local Hip Hop icons. So us Ohioans take our Hip Hop seriously)

  • Laddan

    Looking forward to this!

  • regina noble


  • NOE.



  • ps

    i dont want to look at ads for camel joe’s new record when im readnabout blkroc.

  • TheDandee

    So Black Keys produced means the Black Keys played the instrumentals on the songs? Or what? Love the teaser site. I am no officially hooked onto this buzz.

  • wes flexner

    Al signs point to produced. This isn’t rap/rock….its the exctintion agenda meets 6 feet deep

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  • Tonys got an iPhone

    Mos def > kweli
    dame > jay
    black keys > > > linkin park
    mop > anything alive in the world > that buckshot krs album cover beau posted

  • magnet to money…

  • reverend

    Wes –

    The Black Keys did all the instrumentals.

  • …instead of talking shit about autotune, they went and just made a real hip hop album.
    what a novel thought.

  • Yo whats good, i felt that song , i saw it on worldstar, i see Dame on that other shit, well thats what am on, so am hitting you up(no homo) to see how can i get on that comp your putting out. Since am on some other shit myself, am like i could kill that,

  • Dame am Straving to pop off, check me out at myspace.com/blublack, or JANGO.COM, tipe in BLUBLACK, on the front page and it takes you straight to the hitts, dead ass, am not feelinng myself but , fuckin wit me, well be like you never left, not being EXTRA, ITS REAL TALK, i spit that other shit, at the same time, still CRISPY.