MP3: Blakroc (Black Keys x Jim Jones x Mos Def) “Hoochie Coo”

Photo Credit:Danielle Kline from last years Jim Jones show. Not to be confused with the one I am mentioning in this blurb.

MP3:The Black Keys ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones – Hoochie Coo –

Dipset shows in Columbus, and Jim Jones in paticular were always an interesting spectacle throughout the duration of the crews artist thug -in-residency here in the C-O because there was always an feeling in the air that admidst that there may be some sort of animosity in the room.

witnessing what maybe  the source of stress in jim jones life after the jump

For example, the second time I saw Jimmy was at the Redzone with Hell Rell and JR Writer. Early on Hell Rell decided that the crowd wasnt expressing their emotions publically enough. So he asked the crowds what different gangs and areas of town were in the room. He then encouraged them to yell them at each other. This device broke people out their shells similarly to the first day of school when they make everyone in the class say their name and favorite food,(i always said bagels) but it also caused people to realize they should wave their flags and disrupt the activities of rival Jim Jones fans who choose different color schemes and residential locations.

One group of fans had decided that Jim Jones was perhaps friends with the wrong real estate agents or clothing designers and began the throw signifying hand gestures at his entourage on stage.

The intial interpretant, about eight doods to the right of Jimmy would respond with equally agitated hand movements. A second man, about 4 to the right of Jimmy would have a calmer, simpler response to the gentlemen in crowd throwing gang signs. He would point at his watch then stare back at them, then look at Jimmy to figure out what dynamic should occur.

Jimmy would just smile at the angry fans while rapping, drinking champaigne out of an expensive bottle as if he had just gotten a blowjob while taking qualuades before performing.

Real chill.

Mr. Jones then asked the dejay to play the instrumental to his song “Certified Gangsta”. As the song began, I look to myleft. A group of sportfans grinned at me so I smirked back. Then those gentlemen tied red bandanas around their faces, and put on hats that showed apperehent support of Southern Ohio Professional Baseball.

The Pete Rose fans then attacked the instigating deaf people that had been speaking in hostile sign language to the performer and his friends.

A huge fight broke out in which left was me standing with a bunch of women, and a couple of weedsteelers close to the stage singing along to said song while other people continued their altercaction. The fight ended abruptly with security and later the Columbus police demanding everyone “get the fuck out right now”.

We flagged a taxi while trying avoid the tear gas.

In light of what went down in Michigan with Detroit’s Trick Trick its nothing to say this tension in the audience prolly a constant in Jim Jones life.

So this Mos Def/Jim Jones Black Keys Black Keys song is kinda like a song about this sort of lifestyle and the toll it could possibly take on a man.