Tonight: Early Day Miners / Decibully @ The Treehouse

Listening to Decibully’s 2005 release Sing Out America! again today for the first time in years, I’m reminded of how much I loved this album the very first time I heard it. I had to do some digging around but thanks to I was able to find something I wrote about Sing Out America! on Donewaiting back in early 2005.

Got a copy of Decibully’s first CD, City of Festivals, in the mail when it was released a year or two ago. Thought it was okay but found the Wilco comparisons to be a bit misleading. Saw Decibully at SXSW last year (first of 44 bands that I saw that week) and discovered the magic (particularly in “On the Way to Your Hotel” which haunted me for the duration of SXSW, certain lyrics stuck in my head like corn between my teeth). Have given a precursory listen to the band’s forthcoming CD, Sing Out America!, and have added Decibully to the list of “Must see bands at SXSW 2005”. First 3 songs are dreamy in a country-cornfield sort of way.

Decibully has spent the last the last 3-4 years working on new material. The lengthy delay in releasing something new is discussed in this article from The Onion back in November 2008.

Decider: What have been the chief causes of the delay?
William Seidel: We have spent the majority of our adult lives in Decibully. I feel as if we came to a crossroads after the end of the Sing Out America tour cycle and we each needed to reclaim a little bit of our individual lives. We started on new adventures, fell in and out of love, began new careers, and basically rediscovered ourselves outside of the group identity. We continued to work on new material and we played the occasional show, but slowly and with broad strokes. Now, with the record finished and without a label to release it we are looking into alternative routes to get this record heard. And the delay continues.

The new CD, World Travels Fast, still hasn’t been released as far as I can tell though keep your fingers crossed that the band has copies (maybe CD-Rs?) to sell at the show tonight.

Also on the bill, Early Day Miners from Indiana who stunned me with their 2006 EP Offshore. I’ve always thought it takes balls to open a release with a lengthy instrumental track because if you listen to music the way I do, the first minute or two of a CD is the most important in determining whether or not I’ll even bother with the rest of the CD. At 9:12, “Land of Pale Saints” was so incredible, I listened to it multiple times before even digesting the rest of Offshore.

The band releases it’s latest album, The Treatment, this week on Secretly Canadian Records and will, no doubt, draw heavily from that album in tonight’s setlist.

MP3: “So Slowly” – Early Day Miners (from The Treatment)

9PM start time for the show tonight at The Treehouse. Locals Bird and Flower will open. $8 will get you a fantastic night of music in the intimate confines of The Treehouse.