Tuesday night: Vains of Jenna/Dirty Penny @ Vegas 161

In March ’08 I wrote about a supposed new club that had booked a few ’80s hair metal acts. The club was called The Underworld and while its web presence was non-existent, Joey Belladonna (ex-Anthrax), Every Mother’s Nightmare, and Broken Toys (ex-Dangerous Toys) all listed dates at the club on their respective MySpace pages. None of those shows happened.

Here we are, a year-and-a-half later and the double bill of Vains of Jenna and Dirty Penny shows a date at the mysteriously-named Vegas 161 for this coming Tuesday night, October 20. This would make me believe it’s the Underworld bar with a new name. Located in a former Don Pablo’s restaurant, Vegas 161 can be found at 1777 Dublin-Granville Rd (out towards Cleveland Ave.)

If this show really happens, it’ll have to be one of the most poorly promoted shows to come to Columbus (which says a lot considering I don’t ever remember seeing a Carabar schedule anywhere) in years.

Vains of Jenna and Dirty Penny both have just released sophomore CDs and have toned down the glam (big hair, makeup, leather) look for something a little more ’90 Sunset Strip sleaze metal (ala Guns N’ Roses). Here are videos from both.

I have NO information about the set times or cost of the show.

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