Columbus band Mount Carmel to release next record on Siltbreeze


Mount Carmel has been getting some local love on the message board recently, and the band’s profile is sure to grow before our very eyes with news of the trio’s next record coming out on Siltbreeze — an especially familiar name in Columbus b/c of Times New Viking, Psychedelic Horseshit and ex-pat Pink Reason, all of whom have releases on the boutique Philly label. (Good work, Columbus.)

Ah, but don’t start the gripefest just yet, shitgaze haters. If you’re not familiar with Mount Carmel, this trio — Kevin Skubak and brothers Pat and Matthew Reed — gets compared to Cream whenever I hear their name come up. So you’re more likely to catch them playing with fellow blues-rock lovers The Main Street Gospel than with local Siltbreeze labelmates.

Still, it’s blues-rock under the influence of Siltbreeze’s longtime Ohio affiliate Mike Rep. And maybe it’s not such a big leap for Siltbreeze after all, given TNV’s infatuation with the ’60s. Now Mount Carmel brings us the ’70s. (I know, Cream broke up in ’69. But you get what I mean.)

Anyway, as Pat Reed tells Donewaiting, “We went to Musicol with Mike [Rep] and Adam Smith for a day this summer. They set a bunch of mics and stuff up and we played. We had a real fun time.” Rep and Smith also mixed the album, which Reed says should be around 40 minutes and is due to come out in late February or March on Siltbreeze.

Upcoming Mount Carmel shows in Columbus:
11/6: The Treehouse w/ Brainbow, Val
11/23: Carabar w/ Earthless
12/26: Carabar w/ Nick Tolford and Company

In-the-studio video of the song “Still Listening” after the jump:

  • thorne

    Shit yes.

  • Nice, recorded at Musicol recording studio! DJ’s an awesome engineer.

  • youngstown tune-up

    That’s awesome, I’m sure that made Thorne’s day.

    Met up with Thorne at the infamous Carabar show, and I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Congrats to Mt. Carmel.

  • lemans

    congratulations mount carmel you deserve it

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    who took that horrible picture?

  • wellactually

    Good job, gentlemen. Good choice, Siltbreeze.

  • Eddymonday

    Gangster Rock. They sound like they should be on the soundtrack of a Scorcesse Film.

  • sassybetty38

    They rock!! And those twins are so cute.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    twins. heh.

    i’ll ask again, who took that horrible fucking picture?

    • wally

      annie liebowitz

  • not_eddy_monday

    That pic is so dam* sexxxy. Get your Magnum on Homey! Congrats fellas.

  • These are my cousins Matt and Patt Reed! always good to run across family when your blogging…

  • Marijuana’s bad, mmkoi?