MP3:Sole-My President is Black(And that Don’t Mean Jack)

the gore vidal of rap or still a cornball in fact?

Don’t ask me why. But every now and again, I look around the internet to see what Anticon is up to. Well, Sole from Anticon has recorded perhaps the worst rap song in history, or the ballsiest song since ahem, “Makeshift Patriot” by Sage Francis.

“My President is Black, and that don’t mean jack” . Sole says on the hook of the first anti-Obama Hip Hop song, that sends up Young Jeezy’s Black Nationalist anthem. He makes a good point every now and again. Then fucks it up by either making fun of how black people talk or saying some shit about how spicy the food he found in the trash prolly is.

MP3:Sole (feat Jared Paul)-My President Is Black

For those not familar, Anticon was a bunch of people that would’ve never been allowed to rap in public, but due to technology, they were able to start a movement that dominated cyberspace because Gucci Mane didn”t have a twitter yet.

Sole was the guy who owned Anticon. He basically alienated everyone by calling EL-P a wigger who then called him and recorded Sole being scurred on the telephone.

They were exiled for for being nerds. Which in retrospect, the rest of underground Hip Hop like Def Jux and Eastern Conferance shoulda let Anticon stick around because as soon as Sole’s label was blackballed, all the rest of underground rap became the nerds.

Some Anticon guys did ok. Buck 65 made out with Tom Waits and got a gig dejaying Tim Hortons private parties. Why? stopped rapping, picked up a ukelelee and became a hearthrob for Jewish Art School girls. Dose One joined TV on the Radio or something like that.

Jeezy’s “My President” was one of my favorite songs last year because I thought it really captured the magnitude of the moment.

What do you think of Sole’s version?

for more info on Sole,… hit up his website,

  • Jimmy
  • weed $teeler m.

    dude….i hate this.
    im so glad i missed this era in hip hop (just barely)
    give me more diy shit like mean mug records.


  • tom

    Jesus. Sole is terrible.

  • bomatomicly

    This is sole-sucking big time.

  • Im scurred

    Hai Gais, im scurred to speak out about/against thyngs I don’t agrie with, I’d rathur lissen to watured dowun bullshyt lyke U gais, kan wee be frendz?

  • nerd rap

    w/e. at least sole isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, even if it means realer-than-thou white kids can’t vibe.

    that being said I wouldn’t call this his finest hour. still pretty tight though.
    “taught us Latin in high school/shoulda taught Mandarin/
    shoulda taught Marxism/shoulda taught blacksmithin”

  • Too good dude! I enjoyed!!