MP3:Greenhouse-Electric Purgatory Part 1 EP

We are alive in glorious times. Hip Hop is back and its so thick in the air.
Wintertime and Hip Hop. .
It hasn’t been like this in forever.
On my way home from running errands, I turn up “Empire State” on 107.5. (does that get a pause)
I don’t care about Baseball or living in New York but a Hip Hop anthem performed at the World Series?
On the way home from work. I turn up Blakroc- Mos Def’s “On the Vista”.
(Black Keys whudup)
On the way to the Godz-Carabar show . I was listening to Raekwon, who will be here December 11th.
Got to the bar, and my blakberry with a busted trakball tells me I have mail.
It’s the new Greenhouse-Electric Purgatory.
Ran into Print. We had a discussion basically how healthy Hip Hop is from top to bottom right now.
(And we got a Black President)

I popped “De La Soul is Dead” out of my tape deck and plugged the MP3 jack-in on the way home. (as you should)

    MP3:Greenhouse-Electric Purgatory Pt ep(Promo Version)

    Turns stereo up..looks right.


    Peep this on the way Skully’s Saturday, November 28th. Greenhouse has a release party for Electric Pergatory. Zero, The Catalyst, Envelope, Supastition and others on the bill. 10 bucks. (vanglorious)

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