Thursday @ The Summit: Pelican / Black Cobra / Disappear / Brainbow

I always find instrumental rock hard to describe. If Sunny Day Real Estate’s Jeremy Enigk fronted Pelican, I’d say their style lends itself to the emo genre. Likewise, if the Deftones Chino Moreno lent his screaming pipes to this four piece, I’d be inclined to call them a post-metal band (or something like that). It wasn’t until track 7 (“Final Breath”) of Pelican’s latest album, What We All Come to Need, that everything fell into place for me and I was finally able to categorize Pelican’s music (at least in my own head).

Featuring guest vocals by Allen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times), “Final Breath” swims in the same alternative space/rock pool as the since-departed Failure did back in the mid-to-late ’90s. I have a feeling that if Epley or Ken Andrews (Failure) fronted Pelican full time, they’d quickly become one of my favorite bands.

Pelican’s one and only Ohio show takes place Thursday night in Columbus at The Summit. But wait, there’s more. For $13 not only do you get a performance by Pelican, but we’ll throw in sets by metal kids Black Cobra, the post-hardcore Boston band Disappearer, and Columbus’s very own favorite instrumental band Brainbow. You won’t find a better deal in town on Thursday night.

Brainbow – 9:30
Disappear – 10:15
Black Cobra – 11
Pelican – 12

  • ben

    Psyched for this.