Video: Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage – “American Static”

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“American Static” is on Schnabel’s solo release, When the Stage Lights Go Dim, which had a soft release this year and will supposedly be re-pressed with a bigger release in 2010.

  • Truly awful, sappy pap. The total insincerity of the lyrics is only worsened by the horribly cliched stabs at popular culture and trends. 5 4 3 2 1? Is that supposed to be a hook?
    I know this band is highly regarded around these parts for their “work ethic” and constant touring schedule. But with all that traveling they seem to be going nowhere.
    I never got these guys and this makes me like them even less. He seems tired. Maybe he should take a rest.

  • Pat

    The previous comment writer is a jackass.

  • Hey, let’s not make this a personal thing…I’m just stating my opinion. Put it up here and prepared to be judged. At least I’m honest. If you like this music, you must be good friends with these folks because the content just doesn’t stand on it’s own. It’s not defensible.

  • Matt Anderson

    Tiara sucks.

  • lick balls.

  • Wait, wait…that was hasty…you sir, are living in the past. :P

    • Et tu, brute.

      you sir, are obviously the greatest songwriter of our generation. where can i find songs that you’ve written? since you apparently so knowledgeable on the subject, i assume you offer classes as well?

  • Chez

    Wait; poopfoot has a point. The minute that dude (that band) makes a stab at NOT making a semi-autobiographical, steeped-in-my-diary-about-myself lyrical stand is exactly the moment the entire thing MAY get more interesting. Till then, its just a really a potentially decent songwriter perennially pre-occupied with his navel, the lint that travels in and out of it – and shamelessly and incorrectly – extrapolating that it applies to the rest of us. Plus, regarding previous songs and this one – he employs those godawful cliches about the road, his nicotine habit, girls he did or didn’t lay – and the justifiably embarassed pussyfooting around the whole de-facto Westerbergian fixation that has not put one interesting tune in anyone’s ear except to the judgement of the the already-won-over hometown posse of semi-tasteless duped fans in Cowtown. To his credit – he didn’t play that last note too loudly in this thing, but like the bottle-rocket in the background – it did NOT go off with a bang.

    Just my .02; and really, I don’t think about these guys that much. Just saw that video.
    Oh, and Et tu – f*ck off, ya baby.

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  • ok

    I’m not sure that these are quite stabs at pop culture as much as a subculture to which he and his closest of friends (not that I’m one of them) are a part of. To call it sappy is an accurate statement but why awful??? We should all remember that everyone has a story and his could be just as sad as his lyrics. Also like any good songwriter he is perhaps writing about only what he knows. All of us know our own truth, it’s imperative to employ some socratic irony and realize that life is different for every individual.

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    • hazy franklin

      Poopfoot, How many songs have you written and played in your life? You sound like some John Herman type just chasing a dream plus with a name like poop foot sounds like you need to wipe your mind and your feet maybe at that you shit stepper. Check your foot for poop sloop. Hazy frank