More Videos and Photos from David Bazan Columbus House Show

Photos and video by Kim Rottmayer, words by Joel Oliphint

This ranks as one of my favorite shows of the year. Bazan’s alternately booming and gentle voice filling the intimate Clintonville living room felt like a special treat. He played lots from Curse Your Branches, a couple of Bazan-ized Christmas songs (see above) and a few covers (including an unexpectedly great version of Tom Petty’s “Climb That Hill”). I should go to more house shows.


After the jump: More words, more photos, plus videos of “Hard to Be,” “Please Baby Please,” “Harmless Sparks” and a better-quality version of the beautiful Julie Doiron cover “Will You Still Love Me in December?”

^^That was my favorite of the night. Fit the mood, the season and the intimacy of the living room.



It wouldn’t be a Bazan show without plenty of interaction with the crowd (“Are there any questions at this point in the show?”), which I love. There were a whole lot of “What’s your favorite ___” questions, but Bazan was affable and candid. We learned about his most-loved bands (The Beatles and Deerhoof), wild escapades in West Virginia, that his 5-year-old daughter’s favorite song off Curse Your Branches is the title track (funny) and that Bazan’s current system of beliefs is pretty similar to where he was when he wrote and recorded that album.



Having longtime collaborator Casey Foubert (Pedro the Lion, Crystal Skulls) present added a lot, especially on a song like “Bearing Witness.” His contributions were always tasteful and welcome.

Bazan will be back in Columbus with a full band on March 28 at the Summit.