Video: Eels – In My Younger Days

YouTube Preview Image

From End Times, out Jan. 19. (It’s a heartbreaking record. One of E’s best.)

  • T. Shvan

    Dude seriously…this is not heartbreaking at all. It’s not even a good song ( I haven’t listened to the album yet to be fair). The video is really precious and there’s nothing that tells me that E is doing anything but writing really mediocre songs about growing gray hairs. Give David Bazan six years and he’ll write slightly more average songs about the same subject.

    • Joel Oliphint

      ummm… like you said, you haven’t heard the album. If you had, you’d know it’s not an album about growing gray hairs.

      If it’s not your bag it’s not your bag. But I’d wait to make any judgments about the entire record.