More Details About Todd P’s Mexico Festival During SXSW

Impose Magazine has more details about the Todd P competing event during SXSW.

While the entire endeavor is still somewhat “hypothetical,” Todd Patrick and Fiona Campbell (of the band Coasting) have a team working on a three to four day festival to be held in a huge field a couple miles from Monterrey between March 19 and March 22. It’s looking “much more real” every passing day.

and it does seem like there will be no Todd P events at SXSW this year either way:

While it’s not a complete break, [Todd] Patrick claims to be cleaning his hands of South by Southwest. “I think the festival kinda blows,” he says. “After all these years we’ve helped the value of the festival. We’ve given people justification for going to South by Southwest even if they hate it. I don’t feel like helping SXSW look more cool.” He estimates that last year, his free shows on the east side of Austin attracted upwards of 2,500 people for Wavves, and 1,500 the following night for Health, and he worries that rumors that float around every year about being shutdown will finally come to fruition.

Read the full story here.

  • Jay

    Oh no! What will SXSW do without Todd P?

  • Tom

    Anyone see any more promotion for this “festival” besides blog entries or facebook pages??? Sketch.