Video:Gucci Mane Feat Souljah Boy Tell’em & Waka Flocka Flame-Bingo

Another video from the consensus album of the year, Gucci Manes-Strate Vs Radric Davis.

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Gucci Mane, Souljah Boy Tell’em and Columbus’ new favorite rapper Woka Flocka Flame.

Song is called Bingo. Produced by the white dood who got kicked out the Roots and dumped by Lil Kim. The world’s funniest looking man, Scott Storch.

  • im going to point out gucci egg beater chain he has on in this last series of videos….stay tuned for the special: ice game right: SIE jewelry game…..these dudes are nicer than dip set was with there pissy chains….jus sayn browe!

  • weed $teeler m.

    i fuck with wakas verse.

  • wes flexner

    I just like saying his name waka flocka flame. Waka flocka flame.
    The fact he can actually rap makes everything a lot better.

    I don’t know if so icey entertainment jewelry is better than the dhips though.

    did love guvvi’s odie and bart simpsons chain..

    But cam’s globe kills both of them.
    And the one time wear elizabeth taylor earings? Cmon man

  • weed $teeler m.

    thats true thats true…. they def are playing catch up……jims champagne in a bucket of ice chain was pretty good too…………..

    its kinda fucked up that he possibly could release the next “trap house”


  • Gucci-Mane is certainly Correct Killing These guys. Brand new shit available just like every moment, he has at long last got a connection into the scheme.