New Black Swans album out April 27 on St. Ives/Secretly Canadian

Black Swans- corn field1

The Black Swans‘ first full-length since 2007, titled Words Are Stupid, will be out on Secretly Canadian sub-label St. Ives on March 30 in early April April 27. Singer Jerry DeCicca says it’s an album about “how language lets us down, fails us…. I make animal noises on several tracks. It is funny, weird, dark.”

It’ll be a digital release, plus 200 limited-edition LPs. Says DeCicca, “There will be 200 different photos in silk-screened covers for the album art. Each photo is of the Black Swans holding a painting of a rooster (“Rooster” is one of the songs) in the concrete field of corn in Dublin, Ohio.”

As you already know, Black Swans violinist Noel Sayre died tragically in a swimming pool accident in 2008, but you’ll still hear Sayre on this record. Jerry again: “Noel has some violin and guitar and kazoo on it, even though we began recording it almost a year after he died. We Tupac-ed him, finding stray sounds on his computer and 4-track, and even an old tape of him trying out a microphone with a tango drum machine sample from 8 years ago that we built a whole song around.”

Another completed Black Swans album, Don’t Blame the Stars, doesn’t have a label yet, but the band hopes to release it in 2010, as well.

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  • Really excited about the release, pressed right here in Ohio at Gotta Groove Records.