Buddyhead’s best/worst of 2009

If you hate lists as much as I do, you should at least read this one.

  • buddyhead humor is so 1999 — this was not funny at all.

  • jose

    100% agreed on best list, not much in the worst of list (5 of them I own), but you gotta admit, that was a funny read. The worst is so funny, you won’t even care who made the best. BH always keeps us informed with the latest Attack! Attack! or Brian Warner album. It really an anti-Pitchfork list. Two of the albums weren’t even released on 2009. And what’s up with the backtracking on Jarvis Cocker. Giving him an awful review then putting him on the year’s best. Lemme guess that “Cockin” love: 1. Jarvis loves Oasis or NiN, 2. The guys over at Aquarium Drunkard loves that album, or 3. His album garnered a 2.67 rating from Pitchfork or 2.5 star from Rolling Stones. My bet is on # 2.