SXSW Releases (Limited, Mostly TBA) Schedules Super Early

Preliminary schedules are now available on! The SXSW schedules will help you navigate your way through the vast amount of programming for SXSW 2010 and allow you to plan your personal schedule for this year’s event. Browse through everything, including: Music Showcases, Music Panels, Interactive Panels, Film Panels, Film Screenings, parties and more! (read more)

It’s by no means the complete schedule, but it is something we can obsess over as things continue to get filled up. Although, if you go to the music section, everything is basically listed as TBA so it’s not valuable yet.

  • if you go to the schedule for Wednesday and scroll down past the panels, i think the list of performing bands is more current than the last big list that they posted.

  • chek tiger! shit! tiger! tiger!, japandroids, past lives, dd/mm/yy out!
    great line up!