Mhz 1st Freestyle on Stretch & Bobbie

MP3:Mhz freestyle 98 on the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show 89.9

(Via The Bustown Stomp)

Writing about the MHZ is weird for cause, do I say…RJD2’s rap group. Do I say the late Camu Tao’s rap group? Copywrite’s?

Regardless, on what would be the rock fan’s reference point, the Mhz spawned a good chunk of what Columbus Hip Hop became nationally recognized for.

The above freestyle was from when Tage, Camu and Copy apprearred on Stretch & Bobbito. We had been for years savoring bootlegs of the infuential NYC radio show.

I mean Columbus rappers were on the same show that had become infamous because of Big L and Jay-z freestyles? The same show that broke Wu-Tang’s first single?

I just being amazed how many times they said Columbus during this program. Still bugs me out listening to it now.

It was like….”Bobbito knows where Columbus is…no way.”

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