Columbus Sex Stats

Kitty Mcconnell launched a new sex blog over at the Other Paper.Com called MA(for Mature Audiences).
Some interesting facts about the C-O’s sex habits from the blog:

•Forbes ranked the city seventh in the nation in its 2007 survey of “America’s Most Lustful Cities.” Lacking “government or academic research on the sexual practices” of the various metropolitan areas, the magazine instead based the rankings on market research of contraceptive sales over 52 weeks in the nation’s 50 largest cities. Tying with Cincinnati, Columbus sold 70 percent more contraceptives than the average city of its size. Male contraceptive sales exceeded the per capita average by 71 percent; female contraceptive sales were 59 percent above average.

• Men’s Health magazine ranked Columbus second in its 2008 survey of the nation’s “Most Sexually Satisfied Cities.” Indianapolis beat Columbus to first place.

If we could get UDF to start selling condoms maybe we could move up in those stats.

  • Tristan

    The real question is….what kind of contraceptives? And are they working?

  • historyhobbit

    Have you SEEN the idiots driving around the city–to answer your question, the contraceptives are definitely NOT working….the breeding continues. XD

  • classism is un-acceptable.
    who made you the judge of peoples right to breed?