Happy Birthday, Donewaiting.com! 7 Years Old and Never Been Kissed


Today, this little website is seven years old. When I let that sink in for a minute or two, it always sort of freaks me out. If this website was a kid, it might be in like 1st or 2nd grade by now… Well, maybe 4th grade because the site skipped a few grades for being a child prodigy.

Thanks everyone for keeping the site going! To the writers, bands, readers, commenters, blackmailers, lawyers, ballers, and everyone in between. Hopefully we’ll see some of you tonight at the anniversary show in Columbus.

Had a conference call last night about adding some new features to the site in the coming year.. Things continue to look great…

  • congrats, and that cake picture is awesome.

  • Happy birthday. You seem older.

  • Happy B-Day! :D

  • jess

    Happy Birthday Donewaiting! I’m so glad you were born!

  • kyle

    happy Happy birthday D-waiting and many many more

  • hey, congrats. keep on bloggin’ about all of the awesome, edgy music people are making now. also, love the cake-chest-hair in the photo.