Ghost Shirt: Single #5


MP3: Single #5 – Zanne

Says Branden: “It’s about a friend that i grew up with in Kentucky. We lost touch completely for years. The song is about losing touch and having to invent an imaginary life for someone who you no longer have a clue about. Still one of my favorite people in this world even though we don’t talk much. I heard through someone that she had a pretty bad breakup a while back and i really didn’t know how to help given our estrangement. I suppose this song is my misguided effort.”

(Photo courtesy Photolosophys)

  • G

    Not too bad. The out of key-touch is rare ;-)

  • Critic

    Good song, hooky..the only thing about this that i dont like is that it should have ended at 3:40.

  • stulee

    I think these guys are pretty good; nice songs, hooks, melody, etc…but like most bands in the Bus they have no concept of volume or dynamics. A la ‘Greatest Show No. 5: Top of the Pops”. I literally listened to them fuck my ears with feedback for over 45 minutes…and not in a good way…

  • coydog

    yeah there were some sound issues but i think the sound guy did a decent job
    given what he had to work with with the pa. it was more suited for banjos and
    stand up bass. thanks to travis for having us out.