Rock on the Range 2010 lineup announced

Welp, no Soundgarden or Faith No More, instead we get Limp Bizkit and Godsmack, Slash(?), Deftones, Helmet and Mastodon (fuck yes).

If you remember, myself and Chip Midnight did our best last year to bring you the happenings at Rock on the Range 2009 and this year will hopefully be no different.

Full lineup from the Rock on the Range website after the jump.

Rob Zombie
Three Days Grace
Limp Bizkit
Rise Against
Papa Roach
Five Finger Death Punch
Coheed and Cambria
Bullet for my Valentine
Killswitch Engage
Theory of a Deadman
Puddle of Mud
Drowning Pool
Adelitas Way
Escape the Fate
Violent Soho
Shaman’s Harvest
Year Long Disaster
Taddy Porter
Like a Storm
Noise Auction

  • limp bizkit… hell yeah w.s. will be in the pit

    escape the fate was cool when they had the murderer singing…

  • Motion Promotion

    Why the hell do all these other cities get awesome festivals with great lineups, and then Columbus gets stuck with Godsmack, Limp Bizkit, papa roach, puddle of mud and a bunch of other crap?!?!?!?

    Mastodon and Deftones are cool, but the rest is pretty lame!

    • cant wait

      Im sorry but if u dont like godsmack, limp bizkit, papa roach, puddle of mud and most of all the other bands u dont know what good rock music is

    • musicman2020

      Are you kidding me? Just so you know i saw godsmack last year at cruefest and they were hands down the BEST band I have ever seen… And I have seen many different artists, styles, genres, etc. Also dissing papa roach, limp bizkit and puddle of mudd? All three of these bands have been climbing and growing in the musical world ever since their debut albums… perhaps there should be an nsync or hanson brothers concert, that would pry rock your socks homo.

      • Kirk Kline

        I would be so into an nsync reunion

    • Neil

      STAY HOME!

  • wassup

    where’s struck by lightning?

  • snarkus maximus


  • bomatomicly

    What’s the opposite of a boner?

  • mOrRi3

    I guess the rest of these bands aside from KsE, Mastadon, Deftones, sevendust, & C&C, are a good reason to catch up on napping between actual sweetness. I gotta say, I’m not impressed.

  • All u guys sucks this is gonna be the best I mean Limp Bizkit,Five Finger,C&C, Bullet,and Kse.!!
    P.S. You GUYS SUCK!!!!

    • cant wait

      I totally agree with u this year is gonna rock like last year!!!!!! They all do suck bc they dont know what good rock music is.


    Don’t forget STP!!!!

  • greg

    what about…black acid over-drive…? they are a great band, check them out on youtube…

  • Kross

    My wife and her friend are going to this show, and if I weren’t in Afghanistan right now, I would def go..I seen Limp Bizkit in 99, and they are fucking awesome…5fdp, BFMV, and all the other bands are the best line-up any true rocker would die for…Have fun guys, wish I could be there

  • chissy n

    cannot wait to see coheed & cambria, it’s going to be such a good set. i have Year of the Black Rainbow on repeat

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