Rachael Ray’s SXSW 2010 Party

UPDATE: Click here for full band list.

Rachael Ray once again returns to SXSW. This year her event is happening March 20 @ Stubb’s BBQ. 11AM – 4PM. The only confirmed band I’ve heard about is Shayna Zaid and The Catch.

Last year’s line up was solid – including The Hold Steady and The Thermals. Me and Kyle got pleasantly pickled by her drinks and food.

  • george reiff

    George Reiff +1

  • Any word on when or where we can RSVP?

  • Hi! It’s my first SXSW. Do you know if the Rachel Ray party free and or open or for registered attendees only?

  • B

    Last year’s party was a free show so no RSVP was necessary. But because it was a freeshow, the line was around the block. Get there early.

  • Dude

    Her Husband’s band will be there…that seems like the main reason she does this every year.

    Sorry, just hate when people from Hollywood think they are so cool cause they can afford to rent Stubb’s for her Hubby’s band = Gay.

  • simplygreg

    So where is the RSVP?

    • Robert Duffy

      when i get RSVP info i will post.

  • blowjobs

    I wanna rsvp now! Last year I got there about 130 and all the food was already gone and the crowd was full of assholes and tools.

  • jcastrianni

    I have it from a good source that Dr. Dog will e playing this party.

  • Dude

    “Last year I got there about 130 and all the food was already gone and the crowd was full of assholes and tools.”

    I have to admit, the only upside to this event is that this statement will be true again this year and hopefully keep the crowds away from other events. :)

  • Joe Torre

    The Hold Steady had to wait 20 minutes to play last year so Rachel Ray could introduce them, rock and roll!

  • Jason

    Stubb’s is a lot bigger than where it was last year so maybe the line won’t be as bad. They had New York Dolls last year. I was glad we had seen the Dolls the night before, because that line was horrendous.

  • Delroy

    I think dr. dog will be playing this year.. is it supposed to be a surprise?

    • ?

      Dr. Dog isn’t playing RR’s show. A band I know that has been confirmed for RR’s SXSW show for sure is a NYC band called The Orion Experience.

  • bigone

    hopefully no rsvp like in years past. stubbs is much better than maggie maes. better site lines.

  • jamonious

    Last year the line was INSANE! When we finally got in around 3pm the food was gone and the drinks were like water. Definitely a hipster crowd, all skinny jeans and fedora’s. Think I’ll pass this year…

  • valvechick

    when the previous poster says “early” they mean like 7am. Even in a much bigger venue, a free party with free (good) food and free drinks and no wristband/badge requirements will mean a HUGE line for the event. BTW, Justin Townes Earle mentioned after a recent performance he was confirmed for Rachael Ray’s party at SXSW.

  • Jonathon Dewveall +1

    In fact, if y’all want Dewveall to play (dewveall.com), we’ll do it. We’re playing a 30 min. showcase at Guero’s at noon, but we’ll gladly scoot on over to Stubbs for a round two.

  • Solbuck

    i had a good time last time. fortunately i had a friend who had been waiting in line an hour before they opened and when we got in we were still able to squeeze our way up to the food tables but i heard they ran out fast. it was packed like sardines in there from the beginning. At least they didnt run out of drinks for the couple hours i was there. i plan to go this year and expect to show up an hour early to guarantee food and giveaways.

  • Sharon

    I’m looking forward to learning more! Please keep us posted!

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  • Scott Mitchell +1

  • Brooke McCown +1

  • Fernando Jara

    where do you RSVP at

  • solbuck

    there was no rsvp last year, havent seen or heard of any rsvp yet. might not be one again like last year. if so, get there at least an hour early!

    then again, i heard theres this new texas law that the venues who have open bars must have rsvp only for participants or something like that. havent checked up on that yet though.

    • Robert Duffy

      there was an rsvp list last year. i know cuz i was on it!

  • Jessica Cybik


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  • Karly Edington

    Karly Edington +1

  • Adrianne Montoya


  • dAL

    it happens 1 time a yr

  • any one have recommendations exactly where to come across the best offer?