Jay Electronica in Columbus @ Boma March 5th

Yerp. Jay Electronica is coming to Columbus. Really Excited.
Not familar? Google Jay Electronica

Opener information after the jump

  • MrDontPlay

    This looks like school boy had his hand in it, two hundred opening acts… either way i would probably put up with all the garbage openers just to see jay elec…

  • wes flexner

    Schoolboy has Prince Paul the next day….I think the amount of openeres is a sign of an over excited community

  • Rappityraprarap

    Yeah way too many openers. I don’t think it’s a schoolboy show, but it definitely follows the schoolboy model.

  • bomatomicly

    Considering the venue it’s really just 3-4 opening acts in each room.

  • A performance by Jay Electronica is definitely worth sitting through openers. I mean hopefully the wait isn’t TERRIBLY long, but I don’t think there’s much doubt that he’ll bring it. We at BRM are fans…

  • wes flexner

    Bombatomically has a point about the nulti room thing.

  • ninela

    Doors opened at 9, jay didn’t come on until atleast midnight…only 2 good openers: L.e & Mr.Nice guy