Muse at SXSW?

I’ve never been real fond of SXSW rumors – there are a number of blogs that pick a bunch of really big bands that are touring, look at their tour schedules, and if those bands don’t have a date schedule during SXSW week, these blogs put these bands on a “well, they DO have the dates free” rumor list. For instance, last year neither Elton John nor The Faces had dates booked during SXSW and therefore made the rumor list.

That being said, Saturday night’s Stubbs schedule so far only lists The Drums and Minus the Bear. For those unfamiliar with Stubbs, it’s the big outdoor venue that the “big names” play during SXSW. Last year, Metallica was the secret show. Could Muse be the secret show this year? They are playing dates in Dallas (March 17) and Houston (March 18) which means they COULD potentially play in Austin on Saturday night. I’m not the only one thinking this – somebody on the Muse message board claims that their friend booked the band and crew at an Austin hotel that week.

Looks like the rumor has been on Twitter for at least a week. Somebody has mentioned that the Deftones will be on the Muse bill too.

Wait and see.

  • Not to say i’m anything special but no one listened to me back in dec when i posted this

  • jason

    I have been thinking this too. I’m disappointed to miss them in Houston.

  • Jealex

    hmm…i’m pretty good at predicting shit too…i got inside sources…but yeah, i am willing to bet they will play…something. why wouldn’t they?!

  • anon


  • ColSanders


  • ColSanders

    Really glad Motorhead planned a regular show the day before SXSW

  • Joe Torre


  • hang wang

    there are always big shows that you will not be invited to. dosn’t playboy do a big one every year? last year was jane’s addiction and ? across i35 in a big warehouse.

  • Biggs

    I have inside sources that have confirmed this to be true. I was told not to say anything but why not? MUSE will be at SXSW.

  • sappy

    which hotel?

  • I called this months ago. There is an opening in their schedule, and they are still promoting their new album, so perfect timing. This will be amazing.

  • lk

    Muse Muse @ SXSW
    Muse will be playing an intimate show this Friday night at South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas! The show at Stubb’s will be open to SXSW badge holders.

  • dano

    sunday kids