Full Rachael Ray SXSW Party Band List Revealed: She and Him, Jakob Dylan, More

More SXSW updates later, I am home sick and a little out of it.

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  • per vert

    hopefully rachael wears a low top and there is a nip slip.

  • chuy

    im starting to think that there is no RSVP and they will just let in as many people as the venue can take… more like… zooey’s nip slip!!!

  • TXn

    THE CRINGE, yes! I love when Rachel Ray comes to town… and Austin360 has pointed out Matthew McCoughnaHAY!… has his own label too (JKL)
    He signed Mishka, man funny how much SXSW is turning into a Hollywood type event.

    Thank God LEMMY is coming to town.
    Just had to rant!!! Don’t worry I won’t be there to betch, so have fun hipsters! Oh, BTW fellas you can cut your circulation with those pants!

  • larrycurlymoe

    ive never seen people turned away from a day party at stubbs unless its invite only. i hope they have a lot of food, my guess is they dont.