Mess With Texas 2010 During SXSW

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  • ixnay on the hombre

  • Sailor Jerry

    Hmmm, kinda seems thrown together…I mean great lineup.

    Billy Bragg / Frightened Rabbit / Jeff THe Brotherhood
    GWAR! / Holy F*ck / Japanther

    But, MWTX is always such a great event, Waterloo Park is awesome and Transmission always do a great job. THX!

  • god

    wow, this is a dif location. someone has waterloo park reserved from 3/12-21//10. i wonder what that will be.

  • Josh

    This may be the highlight of the week for me.
    I’m really pumped about Man or Astroman? and Gwar.

  • TXn

    god, thanks for the heads up, I thought the City was allowing MWTX before they started working on Waterloo Park. I would have walked down there and thought it was canceled

    Will be interesting…


    In previous post here, it linked to an update on Mess with Texas which stated that in previous years SXSW shared rent of Waterloo with Transmission, who put on Mess with Texas. Apparently SXSW uses Waterloo for Artist Lounges and tour bus parking. This year SXSW has Waterloo alone. Not sure if this was in retaliation for them being irked at MWTX bringing in Breeders exclusively two years ago. However…. I read somewhere (Austin 360 I believe) that the redevelopment of Waterloo is going to limit its use for the next couple years (including FFF Fest) and this redevelopment lead to MWTX not being able to be there this year.

    looks like a solid lineup to me for a free show all in one place. including two acts not elsewhere (GWAR and Man Man) as well others only doing limited shows (Man or Astro Man?). Bravo to FYF and Transmission.

  • TXn

    Always kicks ass you are double tru THE DUDE

  • Brittney

    Does anyone know what time Man Man goes on Friday?