SXSW Open Discussion: Painful Inbox Edition

My inbox wins. I give up. I am selling it on eBay and creating a new account. So many new emails. I’ll try to parse through them for a SXSW update tonight, but in the meantime I figured I’d open up a discussion for people to post info, questions, comments, and other insults.

  • Soundcheck Magazine’s 4th Birthday Party at Emo’s Annex
    Thursday, March 18th at Emo’s Annex (12-6pm)
    Free / All ages / open to public

    5:20 – 6:00 Givers (Lafayette, LA)
    4:30 – 5:00 Plants and Animals (Montreal, QC)
    3:40 – 4:10 The Rural Alberta Advantage (Toronto, ON)
    2:50 – 3:20 The Besnard Lakes (Montreal, QC)
    2:00 – 2:30 Magic Kids (Memphis, TN)
    1:20 – 1:40 Jeff the Brotherhood (Nashville, TN)
    12:40 – 1:00 The Lovely Feathers (Montreal, QC)
    12:00 – 12:20 Salesman (Austin, TX)

    Soundcheck Magazine is proud to partner with $2 Shows and Paul Mitchell Schools to collect donations for The Children?s Miracle Network during the party! $2 Shows?mission is to support community art by uniting different types of artists for a monthly event, with ALL proceeds donated to a non-profit organization. Although the party is free, our goal is to raise $2000 for The Children?s Miracle Network, which donates funds to 170 children?s hospitals that save and improve the lives of 17 million children each year. Volunteers from $2 Shows and Paul Mitchell Schools will be on hand at the event to collect your donation in exchange for free “goodies”, including tacos from Austin?s famous Mexican restaurant, El Arroyo!



    Where: The Ghost Room;
    When: FRI 3/19, SAT 3/20; noon-6:00 pm

    FRIDAY 3/19 –
    12:00 – Rec Center (Tampa)
    01:00 – Venice is Sinking (Athens)
    02:00 – The Tenant (Austin/Orlando)
    03:00 – Zillionaire (Tampa)
    04:00 – New Roman Times (Austin)
    05:00 – The Low Lows (Austin)

    SATURDAY 3/20 –
    12:00 – Packway Handle Band (Athens)
    01:00 – Capybara (Kansas City)
    02:00 – Red Room Cinema (Tampa)
    03:00 – King of Spain (Tampa)
    04:00 – Yukon Blonde (Canada)
    05:00 – Casper & The Cookies (Athens)

    These parties are free and open to the public



    Saturday March 20 @ The Ghost Room
    Doors: 7:00

    08:00 – Rec Center (Tampa)
    09:00 – King of Spain (Tampa)
    10:00 – Jen Wood (Seattle)
    11:00 – Zillionaire (Tampa)
    12:00 – New Roman Times (Austin)
    01:00 – The Tenant (Austin/Orlando)

  • wuss

    i will be putting on a clinic in partying the whole week if anyone is interested. hit me on my cell.

  • I’m skipping SXSW again this year and am tempted to throw my inbox and Twitter feed out the fricking window until April.

    (Don’t worry Rob, my spam filter lets anything you send me right through.)

  • god

    i went by acc today. there was a long line of the volunteers to check in. i got one of the forms. to get a wristband, you have to work 40 hours. if a wristband is $200. that is $5 an hour. less than minimum wage. you also have to work 40 hours to get a film pass which i think costs $70. you do the math.

  • Lone Star Power Hour, the drinking class look at SXSW this year…have a listen!

    See you on the streets!

  • WED MARCH 17TH 2010
    The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint Grand Opening
    1816 East 6th and Chicon 78702
    Free Show

    2pm – til
    Papa Mali
    Shake Mama Shake
    The Greyhounds
    Sideshow Tragedy
    Monument To No One (4:30)
    Fire Breathing Jugglers!!

    THU MARCH 18th 2010
    2nd Annual Killredrocket Records Spring Break Pool Party
    Free – BYOB
    Metropolis Apartment Complex – Pleasant Valley and Riverside Dr.

    9:30 TV Ghost
    8:45 Bloody Knives
    8:00 Monument to No One
    7:15 Burnt Ones
    6:30 Fever Dreams
    5:45 Midstates and the Choir of Ghosts
    5:00 Criminal Tower
    4:15 The See
    3:30 Flashbulb Fires
    2:45 Colony Collapse
    2:15 Amo Joy

    Download compilation at:

    FRI MARCH 19th 2010
    2nd Annual Cheers Shot Bar Takeover
    416 E. 6th Street (In the heart of it all)

    3:00 Zeke Villarreal
    3:30 Monument To No One
    4:25 Glacier Princess
    5:15 Girls Can’t Drive

  • god

    just saw black angels at ifc. citizen cope at stubbs and papa mali at momo’s. cost=0

  • little rod

    i can’t believe how many shows there are pre wednesday sxsw!!!

  • je trouve cet article tres interresant. je reviendrai suremenent sur ce site. bon courage

  • I personally won’t be down there, but we have two Agit writers blogging all week: