RIP Alex Chilton

Pop hitmaker, cult hero, and Memphis rock iconoclast Alex Chilton has died. The singer and guitarist, best known as a member of ’60s pop-soul act the Box Tops and the ’70s power-pop act Big Star, died today at a hospital in New Orleans. Chilton, 59, had been complaining of about his health earlier today. He was taken by paramedics to the emergency room where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death is believed to be a heart attack.(full story)

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  • Billy Cool

    “The Letter” is a badass tune. He picked a great city to settle down in.

  • he looks stunning, love his songs, some awesome sound he got there

  • tex

    What a shame!

    59 is a young age to pass away – he will be missed!

  • Fred

    Chilton is immortalized in the memorable Replacement’s rocker, “Alex Chilton,” which was recorded in the mid-80s.

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  • he later loathed the fake growl voice that he used in “the letter” – which is why you see him singing it in his big star voice here. on a deeper layer of his bitterness, he discouraged big star being brought up in that period of his life- he just wanted to forget the whole thing as a failed experiment. ergo they only mention the box-tops, which is ironic, considering how every obit has hailed him as the mastermind behind big star. bet the jaded alex in this video didn’t see that one coming…

  • Memphis is loosing to many legends…Jim Dickinson, Willie Mitchel, Jay Reatard….now Alex!!?? …fuk…I hope? there’s a Rock & Roll Heaven. Scoot over Elvis!