MP3: Karate Coyote – “ICU2(RN4A187)”

MP3: ICU2(RN4A187)

I’m much more enthused about the second half of Karate Coyote‘s new (and first full-length) album, Inner Animals, but the above track (#2 of 12) helps redeem Side A for me. It’s got all those things you love about Karate Coyote, if you love Karate Coyote: hoots and hollers, ohhs and ahhs, background shouts of “Hey!”, creative vocal lines courtesy of Sam Corlett, little bits of weird/throwback lead guitar that doesn’t seem like it should fit but does.

CD release show in Columbus this Friday (3/26) at Skully’s with Stretch Lefty (releasing an EP the same night), This is My Suitcase and DJ Self Help. Inner Animals tracklist after the jump.

1. Like Me
2. ICU2(RN4A187)
3. I Was Young/Meantime
4. Spring Dirt Nerve
5. Snakes
6. This is the Right Time
7. Tornadoes
8. Is That the Best You Can Do
9. Cooked Beats
10. Move Yourself
11. Tunnels
12. Sirens

  • KC

    *** ICU2(RN4A187)


    ***I Was Young//Meantime

    • Joel Oliphint

      Thanks. Titles came from the press release… (mp3 titles different, too)

  • KC

    CD release show is 18 +, and starts at 10 PM with This is My Suitcase, then Stretch Lefty, then KC. DJ Self Help will close the night!

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