Saturday in Columbus: Ipps, Goes Cube, More

Did ipps practice? Will there be two drummers? Will Mike O be those drummers? Will Bo Davis be drunk? Will you be drunk? (I will be.)

Are you going to kick yourself because you didn’t know how awesome Goes Cube is? Is Post-Everything really a genre? Are you going to buy a copy of “Another Has Passed” after you realize how awesome Goes Cube is?

Are The Altered States of the United Snakes really a band?

Exactly how far East of the Wall?

You be the judge! On Saturday! At Carabar!

Proof that Goes Cube is what I said they are after the jump!

YouTube Preview Image

Told you.

  • Robert Duffy

    and Goes Cube played the one and only SXSW day party

  • patrick

    gotta admit that goes cube song is kind of the shit

    • kirk

      TOLD YOU

  • wuss

    Another Day Has Passed is the tops.

  • cool stuff, cheers man