Video:Erykah Badu-Window Seat or Erykah Goes Naked in front of the Grassy Knoll

UPDATE: Video removed from Youtube but you can watch it on Badu’s official website.

So you know how Badu’s love interest Jay Electronica always raps about the grassy knoll and and how he has punchlines about how people wish he would rap about how big Badu’s ass is.

Well well…for her new video Badu “Window Suit” from her new album Return of the Ankh which drop Tuesday,stripped down on the streets  of her hometown of Dallas until she falls down in front of the Grassyknoll. Her brain bleeds groupthink on the ground as she lays dead….

the video credits Matt and Kim for the inspiration

i copied some explaination from her twitter

#windowseat was shot guerilla style, no crew , 1 take , no closed set , no warning , 2 min . , don town dallas , then ran like hell…

The blue writting at end of video sais Groupthink

I was afraid But I was ready

badu twitts about Jay Electronixa, and other friends and familes reaction after the jump

i asked @jayelectronica if i should go threw with it . he said . IF YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT DO IT – YOU GOT 1 SHOT TO BE ERYKAH…

i told my family.”i want you to know that the things i do r not ever 2b seen as a reflection of u. im me.uncle mike said,u the shit,period

my family travels with me everywhere i go .mom, sis,bro ,2 cousins , granny  mans archives and schedule at home .they all love me. are honest

i told puma (5) my plans . she looked at me with a blank face and replied . ok mama . can i have another pudding ?

asked 7 what he would do if teased -he said ill tell em my mom is great she was having fun…i immediately took myself less serious. hes 12

hours before i talked to mama .she said she wasnt fully in favor but she had my back .

didnt remember what kind of undies i wore that day so i chked 1st b4 removing i knew my intent was good.that thought made it ok

more from badu’s twitter about this video after the jump

heard people yelling diff things @ me but i held my head up and kept moving.there were children there.i prayed they wouldnt b traumatized…

it was st patrics day in dallas . i was at the grassy knoll . although i was thinking 1 million things as i walked i didnt see anything …

i remember tweeting that day.”okay here goes nothing” i felt like i was going2 do something life threatening.1nce hoody unzip-no tur’n back

we only had 1 shot to get it right . we didnt plan the shot . coodie and i just went raw dog . too busy lookin for cops and being petrified

window seat video notes: had intended to direct this vid alone. after working w/ coodie and chike and bouncing thoughts i asked them to join

groupthink=the unwritten rule that states; i will not express my true opinion if it opposes those i love and fear .i volunteer to censor me.

groupthink = no think

  • I have always dug Badu, and this is a cool video.

    Of course I can see parents that were walking with their kids getting upset at this video shoot, because body shame is an accepted part of our culture. If a kid is traumatized by the sight of a naked female body, I feel bad that their parents have already polluted the child’s mind with shame.

  • DooDoo

    i really dig her booty

  • ramirez


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