Off the Grid this Weekend.

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The Wexner Center for the Arts and Cultural Freedom will present to you on April 10th an event that  combines fine foods, local grassroots entertainment, charity, debuntantes, and more.


 Nick Tolford and Co : If you sweat Mayor Hawthorne, Amy Winehouse, or other forms of that than you prolly would like Nick Tolford. He does well for himslef. But probably if you frequent this site, then you know that.

Annnna anda tha Androids: If you have ever bought an Existential paperback at half-price bookstore that has a girl pictured in black and white stripes sorta mime looking, and has  a weird  purple hat on her head, and said ‘man I wish i could ten girls that would walk around that like that half naked ‘ then you prolly still ignored those girls alot of the time because when you saw them out, they were at a goth or really suspect techno event.

Well, at least year Trauma, DJ Detox and I finally noticed that these girls were dressed in that manner. This began a discussion about the tall one that specifically that appearred to be the perfect composite for a man that was reared on said books, and rap music body types. After placing a few phone calls to Adulture and Scotty Neimett is was deduced that the Android in question was married. And the entertaining of the idea that there may be more to the Androids than previously explored was put on hiatus.

So I am happy to see if the perfomance piece that these ladies do will appear different when in the trappings of the Wexner Center vs. the context of Melt Magazine.

DJ Detox-Get Right, Sweatin, BSA, So-What Wednesdays, Joy Divisions ,Scratches on JRAWLs imports, Envelope’s and Thought Set’s performance DJ, Divine Akron bloodlines, CDR Ann Last-Year and you still don’t understand. Learning Disorder.

Hood Internet-Ever wanted to heard a Man Man song under a Flo-Ride accapella?

food from it doesn’t get better in columbus and money goes diresctly to children.

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  • weedsteeler

    heard hood interent is gonna get there chains snatched…..oh wait…. they dont own chains!

  • dave d

    “Join us as we blow it out GenWex style at a party only the Wex’s young patrons could throw.”

    how much r u being paid to endorse this? wexner center website has that text. must be written by someone who is definitely not young.