Video: Colin Gawel “Superior”

You know Colin Gawel from Watershed, or maybe his coffee shop in Columbus, or maybe because he’s a solid dude. He’s been releasing a lot of solo material and I was really impressed with the Ready-for-VH1 production quality for his latest video for the song “Superior.”

YouTube Preview Image

This is what Colin has to say about the video:

I would love to take credit for the video but the guys at Palestra Creative really did all of the work. They came up with the concept and found Geneva Hyman to play the lead. When it came time to cast the boy they asked if my six year old son Owen would be interested. He said he would do it under one condition, that i take him bowling after the shoot. I agreed.

With a limited budget, (obviously) we only had one day to shoot and got very lucky with the fog and patches of snow on the ground. For those interested in the writing of “Superior” visit and hit the video page.

Colin is playing Saturday @ The LC for CD101 Day.

  • thorne

    Great video. Dan and Nick over at Palestra Creative are doing awesome work.

  • DudeOfLife

    That was horrible and boring, though I watched it without sound. Just completely fell flat, I felt like I was watching a really bad reality show. Show some creativity. Lame. You can do much better. At least the woman was hot.

    • Greg

      Dear Dude of Life:

      I just heard this song on the radio, and liked it so much I had to find it online somewhere. I listened to it WITH sound (like, you know, music videos were intended), and thought it was excellent. I am not sure why someone would take the time to watch a music video without sound, and then go out of his/her way to criticize the artists who created the song/video. I thought it was excellent. If you have nothing positive to say, then please don’t say anything. It’s really sad that you would criticize such a nice piece of work. My hope is the artists do not take your comments to heart. I mean really, what did you gain by taking the extra time to tell the artists you don’t like their work? And then to represent yourself as such a shallow person as to say “at least the woman was hot?.” That is truly sad. I hope you redirect your time and energy to more productive endeavors in the future. However, you will probably never read this, so hopefully this comment serves to tell the artists that I fully disagree with “dudeoflife”. What an excellent song and video – I will be looking for more.

  • shmoopatties

    Well, that added a whole nother layer to the song. Lump in my throat making it hard to swallow my cool cool water.