MP3: Ron House – “Twenty or Thirty People”

MP3: Moses Carryout (Ron House) – 20 or 30 People

They’re always there/They’re everywhere I go
They’re the 20 or 30 people that I know
We go to talk/We go to dance
And when we get real bored we listen to the band
We argue some/We never fight
We wonder if we’re drunk or something’s happening tonight

This song has been implanting itself in my morning bedhead ever since I started listening to Blind Boy in the Backseat, the Ron House LP that was originally a 1986 cassette tape on Mike Rep’s Old Age/No Age label and was recently re-issued by Columbus Discount Records. If you’re even slightly interested in Columbus music history, or a fan of Great Plains or Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, you’d be wise to pick it up (though you’ll have to go through a local shop or distributor — CDR is sold out). Everything was recorded between ’78 and ’81, mostly with the ever-sardonic House’s former bands The Twisted Shouts (feat. Rep and Tommy Jay) and Moses Carryout, but you’ll also find True Believers backing him up on the B-side version of “Chuck Berry’s Orphan.”

It’s a must-have for House devotees & completists. And if you’re new to the House of Ron, it ain’t a bad place to start, either.