Get to Know The Styrenes

MP3:The Styrenes-Drano in Your Vains

I know a good deal of you like to watch PBS because you crave culture. You still perhaps participate in violent assualts, indian food, property damages, Earth day,  consensual sex,  drug abuse, reading,  recycling, sleeping  8 hours a week, profanity, drinking 10 cups of water,   and other pro-social beviour..

Some of you don’t but would like to identify with an element of rebellion and the transmission of genuine human activity.

Well, if you like PBS you should go see the Styrenes. Basically doods were already in proto punk  Cleveland bands like the Electric Eels and the Mirrors during the same time that Pere Ubu amd Dead Boys were doing their thing. Around the time your parents were still being bad. Mid 70’s.

So Paul Marotta started a band that be that could do with minimal, drunk, arty whatever the fuck he wanted in 1975.  So here were are in 35 years later and they are playing with Necropolis, and Sandwitch tonight at Bourbon Street. This translates into bunch of different generations of interesting Ohio musicians sharing a stage. Man, this beats buying a dream-catcher earing or going to see Tecumsah because you hate your blandness.

They are playing tonight at Summit. Details here.