MP3:Kreg & Dez: Stupid Fruity Hookah

MP3: Stupid Fruity Hookah

You ever took a piss at the Hookah bar, looked at yourself in the mirror and said “damn i got swagger”.

The innnanet is going nuts about this first song off of Nike,Women and Hennessey.

Summer Anthem.

  • Billy Cool

    It was OK. Would have been better without the commercial in the background on the file hosting site.

    If you want some rap without commercials, check out Urban Attack’s “West Side Pride”!

  • Wes Flexner

    stupid fruity hookah got me fucking with your lady,

  • Billy Cool

    You don’t like hookahs?

  • Wes Flexner

    she gave me superhead like superhead.

  • Billy Cool

    Long strokes and suck it mean,
    like a dirty stovetop that you’re tryin’ to clean

    -Urban Attack

  • Wes Flexner
  • damn. damn damn damn…