Update: Jacob Wooten and Nick Wolak buy Oldfield’s on High

According to a Facebook post by Jacob Wooten of Motion Productions: “As of today, we have officially bought Oldfields on High. Changes are in order and a grand re-opening will be taking place some time this summer.”

Wooten says a press release is forthcoming and isn’t saying yet who “we” refers to says the “we” refers to himself and Nick Wolak (Evolved, Trauma). Also: “Everything on the schedule so far stays, and the staff will remain the same. It’s going to be a great ride and tons of fun to see how we can contribute to the Columbus scene with our own establishment… We have a lot of final decisions to decide on. We have plenty of ideas and lots of dreams.”

  • Location is great (lack of parking though). I always felt the club could be more than it was, hopefully the new owners bring some good out of town bands in to play.

  • justin

    good luck dudes. i didn’t mind oldfield’s, but the circumstantials about the place and their policies made it unappealing to play there.

    my biggest beef w/the old oldfield’s was that sound was ridiculously expensive for what you actually got. damn, it was something like $150-$175 for a friday night. why the hell should the first 30-40 people who pay just cover sound in a club that small? most bands could just get away with a vocal PA in there and it would sound fine.

  • BastardSuperstar

    word on the myspaces is nick wolack, my former employer at the high five is the “we” in question. i can neither confirm or deny this, but i hope it’s so . . .

    • cruise_elroy

      indeed so/true/substantiated. but one wonders why one would hope this.

  • RooseveltJohns

    I agree with Justin. Also, they should knock out the wall between the “pool room” and the stage. Would really open the place up more. Oh, and adding some better beers to the draft selection is a must. If they are smart they will run it like Carabar and make every show free. That way you get all the people just walking around bar hopping up N High.

  • RooseveltJohn and Justin have it right. They should focus on better drafts and getting good national acts to play. Sound should not be pricey at a place like this.

    Also… last couple times my band played there, there was a drunk bastard behind the sound board who had no business holding a job of any kind. Get that guy outta there.

  • Lydia Loveless

    As a very successful bar owner, I have some business tips for them also. Actually, I just think this is cool.

  • Suebee

    Sad Somebody is so right. Very drunk dude behind the board. Took longer for him to “sound check” than it took to play actual set. At one point, asked him to just turn off PA. It would have been better. Good luck to new owners. Hope the place turns into something much more interesting than it has been….

  • shmoopatties

    Someone should buy Garcia’s across the street and do something with that space…seems like a complete waste to me.

  • I played there on Saturday, the first night under Jacob and Nick, and it went smoothly. No ridiculous sound fee (Drew hadn’t charged that either when he ran it).

    Looking forward to my CD Release party at Oldfield’s on High, Friday June 4th.

  • Casey Cooper

    This is awesome. I’d love to see Oldfield’s make a comeback.

  • wes flexner

    I thought Drew did a pretty decent job. In many ways I think that Oldfields became the new Bernies during his tenure.
    I know Jacob is motivated and effective so hopefully it contnues to progess.

  • Bastard Son

    Does any bar want to be “the new Bernies”??? Jesus, people. Get out of Columbus for a weekend.

  • wes flexner

    Bernies was a high street entry point for college kids to mix with townies. I see that somewhat at Oldfields.

  • Motion Promotion

    I want to hold off from giving out to much info on this situation at the moment. How ever, I will say that we are not trying to be bernies : )