Next up from RJD2: Inversions Of The Colossus

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From RJD2:

hey hey hey folks, so i got a few questions on twitter today along the lines of “what’s this INVERSIONS record all about?”, so let me give you the official briefing on the NEXT release on rj’s electrical connections:

in the past, i have done everything i can to release instrumental versions of records i’ve made that have vocals on them. both Soul Position records, Magnificent City, The Third Hand, In Rare Form-the list goes on-are all records that were intended to be non-vocal versions of their “counterpart albums”, so to speak. this is a holdover from when i was a young sprout of a dj that would fiend for instrumentals on wax, and have tried to keep that tradition alive.

so, what do you do with an album like “The Colossus” that is already half instrumental in the first place? pair it down to the 7 vocal songs, do instrumental versions, and release an instrumental EP? or ditch the whole thing? the answer wasn’t so clear. but, being the studio rat that i am, i realized that i had enough songs that i was happy with to REPLACE those 7 instrumental songs that were originally on “The Colossus”. then, things started to come into focus-release a companion piece to “The Colossus” that encompasses the vocal songs-sans vocals-and 7 new songs(almost all of them being instrumental). but what to call it? it wasn’t a new album, but it wasn’t just instrumental versions of pre-released songs? “inversions Of The Colossus” was the title i arrived at, as it seemed to be the most accurate. so i tied the artwork in to the original version, did a nice clean digipak cd layout as well as double LP, and that is the next release! so on june 22, grab a copy, and enjoy. later-rj