How to Destroy Angels-Trent Reznor’s New Jawn

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In case you just got the internet yesterday and don’t read that other tastemaking music website, How to Destroy Angels is Cleveland homeboy’s post-NIN project with his wife Mariqueen Maandig, formerly of West Indian Girl radness. A six song, self-titled EP is expected sometime this summer. The first track “A Drowning” makes me think of the best NIN record ever “The Fragile.”

Artsy fartsy studio (real) shorts after the thang —->

  • thorne

    How has this slipped past me IRL, Kirk?

  • Kirk

    because youre a busy man maaaaaaaaaaaan

  • Sandy

    Lol @ use of “jawn”

  • brett

    I would agree to the fact that “The Fragile” has some of Trent’s best work on it but I wouldn’t call it his best album. IMO… As far as this goes… it sounds like a NIN cover band playing material we just never heard. I can totally hear Trent singing those vocals and everything. C’mon Trent…put your girl on and get back to work!

  • jawn?
    really ?

    • Joel Oliphint

      Grew up in philly, everyone said jawn. but never thought about it being a philly thing.

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