Thursday: AM Taxi @ The Newport

Most of this modern-day pop-punk, Warped Tour stuff doesn’t do much for me but AM Taxi stands out amongst the crowd. While a band like The Gaslight Anthem has taken Springsteen’s sound and molded it into something entirely new, AM Taxi draws influence from Midwest bands like The Replacements and infuses it with a Clash-style punk rock rhythm. Adam Krier’s hoarse vocals bring to mind Two Cow Garage’s Micah Schnabel and while you’re not likely to confuse AM Taxi for Two Cow Garage, give a listen to the first single from AM Taxi’s debut, We Don’t Stand a Chance, to hear the similarities.

Fed Up

AM Taxi | MySpace Music Videos

AM Taxi’s Virgin Records debut won’t be in stores until June, however iTunes has picked it as part of their “Next Big Thing” series and you can download it (as of today) on iTunes, just in time for the band’s show in Columbus.

Because of the ticket demand, The Spill Canvas, Tyler Hilton, AM Taxi, and New Politics show originally booked at The Basement was moved a few weeks ago to The Newport. You can catch all 4 bands Thursday night. Doors open at 6pm and tickets are $15.

  • Roosevelt Johns

    Sounds like a lot of other bands. I’d rather go listen to early Get Up Kids and Alkaline Trio. Virgin picked them up? Really? Hmmmm

  • Chris

    As someone who was just at the show because my best friend had bought me tickets and was super psyched to see the Spill Canvas, I was blown away by AM Taxi. While I listened in shock of this amazing opener I drew comparisons in my mind to the Gaslight Anthem, with gang vocals and style occasionally reminiscent of Dropkick Murphys and the Bouncing Souls. When later describing the band, I couldn’t help but note a Jersey Shore twinge in the music. It’s classic punk with a dash of pop meets “it’s great to be alive” with a genuine delivery.

    Although I wouldn’t compare Adam’s vocals to Micah’s directly, I would say the delivery and expressiveness are there on both parts. (Two Cow Garage are definitely another great Midwestern influenced act, although on another end of the spectrum.) They’ve certainly stumbled into my new favorite bands category. Much like when Gaslight’s Sink or Swim debuted and I happened across it, I’ll be recommending this band to my friends and hope they have just as much success.

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