Introducing High Fashion: A New DW Comedy Feature

Do you like seeing people you don’t like getting made fun of?

I do.

So when my friend Rosa emailed me yesterday and asked if Donewaiting wanted to start fucking with her comedy show High Fashion alls I needed was for her to explain vimeo embedding to me.

The premise: 4 hipsters get a Public Access TV show called High Fashion on some Andy Warhol shit and the attraction to the irony of low-budget 90’s tv..

Rosa uses this premise to clown people she has met in Columbus and Chicago. The show itself is supposed to be in Cincy.

You have met these type of people.

First episode goes in on graffiti lames, Tom Wait wannabes, overly serious artnerds and a bad female performance artist (depicted by Rosa) among other things. Couple this with the hilarious Black Keys video below and donewaiting just made your workday tolerable.

High Fashion’s Vimeo Channel

Rosa’s Tumblr.

  • Jill Ebenezer

    Tom Waits wannabe’s are like this generations bubonic plague. I saw one today. My contempt couldn’t make me feel sorry for him.

  • irongoat81

    eh.. not very funny for comedy.

  • wes flexner

    You must be foruanate enough to have never interacted with anyone that has ever gone to art school.

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