This weekend in Columbus: Rock on the Range 2010/Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Pictured: Dude at ROTR 2009

As you may or may not know, the infamous Weakened Wrap-up was born from a meeting I had with Duffy about me covering Rock on the Range last year, so I suppose this is an anniversary of sorts or something. One thing that I do know is that I am gonna weakly wrap this up for all you loyal donewaiting readers.

Will I get drunk? Will I take pictures? Am I stoked to see Deftones, Helmet and Mastodon? The answer to all of the above is yes. Tune in nexxxt week for a Weakened Wrap-up like you’ve never seen before in your life.

Full schedule after the jump!

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2010

12:25 PM Sevendust
1:40 PM Drowning Pool
2:55 PM Puddle of Mudd
4:15 PM Papa Roach
5:35 PM Deftones
7:05 PM Rise Against
8:15 PM Three Days Grace
9:45 PM Godsmack

12:00 PM Richy Nix
1:05 PM Violent Soho
2:20 PM Adelita’s Way
3:40 PM Halestorm
5:00 PM Skillet
6:20 PM Killswitch Engage

12:00 PM Like A Storm
1:05 PM Taddy Porter
2:20 PM Janus
3:40 PM Non Point
5:00 PM Helmet


12:25 PM Apocolyptica
1:40 PM Five Finger Death Punch
3:00 PM Bullet for my Valentine
4:20 PM Theory of a Deadman
5:40 PM Slash
7:15 PM Seether
8:15 PM Rob Zombie
9:55 PM Limp Bizkit

12:00 PM Shaman’s Harvest
1:05 PM Airbourne
2:25 PM Circa Survive
3:45 PM Anberlin
5:05 PM Coheed & Cambria
6:30 PM Mastodon

12:00 PM Sate Your Cause
1:05 PM Noise Auction
2:25 PM Year Long Disaster
3:45 PM Taproot
5:05 PM Mushroomhead

  • weedsteeler

    i will aslo be going to this.
    i will be conducting research for my thesis on class based eugenics.

  • Why the FUCK is Skillet playing this??? Are they not a Christian band anymore? I feel like Rock on the Range is about as un-Christian as you can get.

  • weedsteeler

    im pretty sure most of these “people” consider themselves “x-tians”……

  • Dan

    I thought the same thing but I was there and skillet tore the place up! They fit right in and the music was amazing! Mosh pits and all!

  • Bri

    Rock On The Range was AMAZING!!!! I loved Papa Roach and Three Days Grace live.

  • Dude

    News for you;
    Bands that are Christian (maybe not Christian music though) at Rock on the Range:
    Three Days Grace- (Great Friends with Thousand Foot Krutch)
    Halestorm considers themselves christian
    All that remains- Made up of christians
    etc.(you can be christian in a band that isnt cosidered christian)- lol you guys act like “if you are a christian you must sing christian songs” lol not at all what christianity is about
    not gonna preach though- twas a great show and i cant wait for year 5

  • Also don’t forget about Killswitch Engage, that goes along the same lines of “all that remains”

    there’s a ot of GOOD QUALITY christian rock out there

    A small list

    Project 86
    Brian Head Welch
    House of Heroes
    Demon hunter
    August Burns Red
    As I Lay Dying
    War of ages
    For Today
    Sleeping Giant
    and more…

  • Oh i forgot about
    Since October
    This Fires Embrace
    Living Sacrifice

  • and don’t forget FLYLEAF and Stria! ;)
    Sorry for the long posts
    peace out