Burberry Shire Armes Volume 1 2003

DJ Pos2 posted the 2003 BSA mixtape that has me trying to rap at times along with Daymon, Envelope, Meta4ce. Nicotime+ all of my roommates at the time, Powerbar Ernie and a zillion others on the weightless board last night

MP3:Burberry Shire Armes Volume 1

BSA Vol 1 Tracklisting
1. intro
2. bsa theme pt1 – meta4ce, chase manhattan, flip the early riser
3. summer breeze – furious styles, nicotime, daniel, Anon
4. alright – daniel
5. life – flip the early riser, manifest
6. give it up – daniel, nicotime
7. thug in me – 50cent, powerbar ernie
8. passion – eclypse
9. wannabestartingsomthin – noose, furious styles, anon, young v
10. don’t stop – reason, nicotime
11. why don’t we fall in love – anon, envelope
12. can we? – nicotime, bru lei
13. nasty – t the newsense, so what?!
14. between the sheets – nicotime, daniel, flip the early riser
15. you – milarepa
16. women lose weight – s. vocab, even
17. breakin’ sketti – bun b, gritty nitty, icy hot
18. no time – smooth roast
19. bsa theme pt2 – metro, bru lei, flip the early riser, nicotime
20. outro :

Pos’s description:

Well, in my attempt of collecting everything columbus related, this cd came into my collection soon after it hit the streets. Not sure of the year but I would have to say it was in ’03 or ’04 when this was released.
Nicotime held most of the production on the comp. Meta4ce produced tracks 4 & 7. Furious styles prodcued tracks 5, 8, and 16. mixed by daniel and nicotime.
What makes this cd so great is all the appearances which range from people that don’t rap, rappers alter-egos, people that use to be cool and then found out they weren’t, and people that rapped that was hanging out while a song was being recorded.
Really wasn’t a serious release. I mean anything with wes rapping on it is either worth a good listen or it’s a classic. Those are your only 2 categories it can go into. If you like bagface5 or powerbar, you will like this. It’s alot of remixes of songs previously released with BSA’s added flavor.
so take it for what it is. the recording/mix downs are pretty rough but it’s fun to listen to.

(BSA is a graffiti crew I started in 1994. It has had zillion different eras, groupings and outputs. It was also the name of a building I lived in for awhile the burberry shire armes. hence the name of the tape.)
cover was done by Dan Mcmahon. He did the Soul Position cover for 8 Million Stories and used to lay out a zine I put out called Broken Halo.
i’m on three songs and this tape shows its good i never pursued rapping.

  • Andrew Patton

    Nice post Wes. I might still have this somewhere?!?!?

  • Nicotime

    Wow. Can’t believe ANYONE still has this. The funny shit is not everyone knew it was kind of a joke. Wish I had actual mixing skills at the time…

  • wes flexner

    Putting joke rappers on songs with 50 and lil kim is genuis.
    Then adding people that are actually serious about rapping makes this a pretty ridoclous thing. Thanks for going through with it nic.

    Andrew so you didn’t end up with one of the many copies that wouldn’t play?

  • Andrew Patton

    Hahaha, good question. No, I’m pretty sure mine works/worked.

  • B.J. Mullins

    furious styles, classic name

  • Wes Flexner

    furious styles, daniel and nicotime were my roommates at the BSA
    flip the early riser lived in the apartment beneath us.
    they all could rap well.

  • Nicotime

    that’s 2pac on the song with 50 and powerbar ernie

  • weedsteeler

    this is one of like three cds i didnt sell when i moved…