RIP DJ PRZM….MP3:DJ Przm Presents the Letter People

(Via Get Right Columbus)

MP3:DJ Przm Presents the Letter Peopl

Today is the Three Year Anniversary of DJ Przm passing. Cashola uploaded one of Przm’s classic compilation’s the Letter People to the Get Right Blog about an hour ago.
Przm would produce 18 song albums and sell them at the Fonoluts Hip Hop night until he lost interest in them, and then these cds would dissappear. I think 50 copies of the Letter People existed and I’ve had it stolen from me twice, and i probably stole a copy from someone at some point. So i am really happy Cashola uploaded it.
Pos can correct me, but this cd is prolly from 2000-2001.
The cd itself is raw, minimal Hip Hop that invokes but doesn’t bite Wu Tang, Pharoah Monche if he was an asshole and Mobb Deep.
For younger doods, imagine 30 black doods(a couple white doods) that could rap, dress, pull a fly girl,drink and fight partying at Bernie’s and on like Blake and Patterson.(OSU campus for non-Columbus people.Which is now Twee or jocks.)
No wonder this was part of an international movement.
And P was their ring leader rolling around in Daymon’s white van.
if you want to test drive a song, I suggest track 12 “Mmm Brilliant” that features Jakki, Flip the Early Riser, Copywrite and Przm boasting the ability to do some terrible things to people then let that song roll in to track 13.
But all 18 songs are classic which is funny that Przm could just churn these out seeing it takes cats 2 years to just get mixtapes out over other people’s instrumentals. And we thought P was lazy..
The CD features MHZ, 3MS, Spitball, Met,Daymon, and a zillion other doods going in on Przm’s gritty production.
If you ever intend to speak on Columbus rap please download this and listen.

  • Seance

    shit is too dope, really like the stevie wonder flip on track 5


  • man…

    Nice, thanks. I was living in Boston when Przm and the Bernie’s scene was blowing so I only went a few times. Its great to have this stuff kept alive.

  • weedsteeler

    that jakki/copy track…..

  • weedsteeler

    oh and the skits.
    mroe rap skit in 2010

  • Tony

    I still got a copy of that. I used to listen to that everyday my senior year of high school. You hit the nail on the head on this post.

  • wes flexner

    This cd is amazing
    Yo…can we get the cover and tracklist from you please?

  • djpos2

    on that cd is the cover. but here is a link, doesn’t look that good..

    and you are right wes, the cd was 2000, early 2000.

    I will put the tracklisting up later.

  • wes flexner

    I remember when you faxed that over after they took that from the list they had me submit.

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  • Elodia Marksberry

    WoW always seems to have a way of pulling me back to my level 80 Warlock, each time I stop my subscription I seem to read an article or blog on some WoW topic and my addiction comes back lol :P I dont know what to say, I guess its a really fun game =)